• Caribbeantales International Film Festival

    Periodicidad: Anual

    País: Barbados

    Dirección: CaribbeanTales Main Office
    Toronto: 38 Concord Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6H 2P1

    Barbados: Flat C, Dalton Villas,
    Brighton, St Michael, Barbados

    Teléfonos: (416) 598-1410 - (246) 421-7147, (246) 822-9713

    Web: caribbeantalesfestival.com

    Email: caribbeantales@gmail.com

    CaribbeanTales (CTMG) is a group of media companies that produces, markets, and exhibits Caribbean-themed films for regional and international distribution, including: CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution, the first and largest full-service film distribution company in the English-speaking Caribbean’ and CaribbeanTales Inc a registered Charity in Canada. Activities include: The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival now in its 13th year that celebrates the talents of established and emerging filmmakers of Caribbean heritage who practise their art across the Caribbean Diaspora worldwide ; The renowned CaribbeanTales Incubator (CTII) a year-round development and production hub for Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora Producers that aims to create strong, compelling and sustainable content for the global market; Caribbeantales-TV a VOD streaming service for Caribbean films; and CaribbeanTalesFlix, our production arm.
    EDICION 14º

    Fecha: Del 04/09/19 al 20/09/19

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