• Todos os mortos

    In Brazil, 1899, shortly after the abolition of slavery, the ghosts of the past still walk among the living. For the women of the Soares family, the task of giving up their privilege and adapting to a middle-class reality drives them to the brink of madness. For Iná Nascimento, a former enslaved woman, the struggle to reunite her loved ones in a hostile new world forces her to face the truth about herself. Between Brazil's troubled past and fractured present, these women feel the ground shifting beneath their feet as they try to create a future of their own.

    Titulo Original: Todos os mortos
    Dirección: Caetano Gotardo, Marco Dutra
    País(es): Brasil
    Idioma Original: Portugués
    Categoría: Ficción
    Duración: 120 min.
    Año de producción: 2020
    Productora: Good Fortune Films, Dezenove Som e Imagem (BR), Filmes do Caixote (BR)
    Guión: Marco Dutra, Caetano Gotardo
    Producción: Florence Cohen, Clément Duboin, Maria Ionescu, Sara Silveira
    Fotografía: Hélène Louvart
    Edición: Marco Dutra, Caetano Gotardo, Juliana Rojas
    Música: Gui Braz, Salloma Salomão
    Vestuario: Gabriella Marra
    Intérpretes: Mawusi Tulani, Clarissa Kiste, Carolina Bianchi, Thaia Perez, Agyei Augusto, Leonor Silveira, Alaíde Costa, Rogério Brito, Thomas Aquino, Andréa Marquee

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