• Fragmentos rebelados

    Sinopsis: La vida del cineasta argentino Enrique Juárez, revisada por amigos, familiares y compañeros.

    Three young people try to open cans of film sealed by rust and time. Unedited and unpublished footage, shorts, takes of military training, documentary records of clandestine life, counter-information material. Pieces of the work of Enrique Juárez that were kept by his family after his disappearance, which today reunite his children in their desire to discover the tracks of their father’s past. The testimonies of his colleagues in the film industry and his political companions complete the description of a character deeply committed with each of the facets of his life.

    Titulo Original: Fragmentos rebelados
    Dirección: David Blaustein
    País(es): Argentina
    Idioma Original: Español
    Formato: Digital
    Categoría: Documental
    Tipo: Color-B/N
    Duración: 125 min.
    Año de producción: 2009
    Productora: Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales - INCAA; Zafra Producciones S.R.L.
    Guión: Gustavo Alonso
    Producción: Jorge Rocca, David Blaustein
    Fotografía: Ricardo de Angelis
    Edición: Juan Carlos Macías
    Música: Pablo Green
    Sonido: Carlos Olmedo, Pablo Demarco
    Other information: Cinema interwoven with political militancy was the axis of much of the Latin American audiovisual production 70’s and that triggers another story, smaller and more intimate: that of the families victims of state terrorism in Argentina, of three young people who attempt to recreate the dreams of their dead parents using their father’s work as a point of departure.

    Algunos premios y distinciones:

    2009, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Edición 31º, Documental, Premio Especial del Jurado

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    Fragmentos Rebelados (cartel)
    Fragmentos Rebelados. (video)

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