“Nuestro objetivo final es nada menos que lograr la integración del cine latinoamericano. Así de simple, y así de desmesurado”.
Gabriel García Márquez
Presidente (1927-2014)

  • Juan Agustin Marquez
    (Puerto Rico)

    Is a three-time Emmy award winning filmmaker best known for his documentaries 100,000, The Last Colony, and his national music TV show, Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla.

    Juan Agustín Márquez's passionate commitment to filmmaking, social justice and education trace back to his high school years in the late 90's. His professional career began after graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in cinema production in 2004 when Juan served as the first producer of Operación Éxito, the international online competition that promotes education and technology across Puerto Rico, Latin America and the USA.

    After Operación Éxito, Juan co-founded EyeTour.com, Puerto Rico's premier online video guide. For three years Juan produced and directed over 120 videos of Puerto Rico's top tourist destinations. During Juan's leadership, the company won the prestigious Guayancan Business Plan Award and the website EyeTour.com won Best Puerto Rico Website voted by the Sales and Marketing Association of Puerto Rico (SME).

    In 2009, Juan's professional career took a big leap forward. Juan and his team competed and won the coveted DocTV film and distribution grant. With this grant, Juan directed his first feature length documentary about Puerto Rico's dog overpopulation problem, called 100,000. The project has been broad-casted in 14 Latin American countries and won numerous awards and recognitions including an EMMY in 2011.

    After 100,000, Juan co-directed his second Emmy winning documentary, the inspiring true story of 17 students who saved their school from closing. 'Los 17' premiered in Univisión with phenomenal ratings.

    In 2011, Juan moved to Los Angeles, California. Together with host and actress Pili Montilla, he produced and directed the acclaimed and Emmy winning television series Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla, a documentary style music show where up and coming musical talents get to share their stories with the rest of the world.

    His most recent and ambitious project is The Last Colony, a documentary about Puerto Rico's unique relationship with the United States.

    The Last Colony puts together Puerto Rico's top political figures, thinkers and activists in a multilevel conversation about the Island's ultimate political status. Juan's continued commitment to the arts, entertainment and education has earned him a spot as one of today's top Latino filmmakers.
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