“Nuestro objetivo final es nada menos que lograr la integración del cine latinoamericano. Así de simple, y así de desmesurado”.
Gabriel García Márquez
Presidente (1927-2014)

  • Katina Medina Mora
    (México, 1980)

    Born in Pittsburgh in 1980, Katina lives in México City. Received a Masters, specialising in Direction, from the London Film School in 2005 and set her sights on directing feature films. Her first film, LuTo, was selected for the prestigious Los Cabos Film Festival and won a coveted indie filmmaking prize for Digital Distribution, despite being shot in 15 days on a micro-budget. It was presented at the Monterrey International Film Festival and will be out in cinemas later this year. Her follow-up, Sabrás que hacer conmigo, was awarded development and production funds from the highly competitive 226Fund from the IMCINE. It is currently in postproduction, will be finished this year. She is also currently starting the script of her third film Adam's Apple with scriptwriter Emma Bertran, this will be a co-production between NY and México. Katina’s passion coupled with early success within the advertising world give her a platform of knowledge and confidence to successfully merge art and storytelling and explore creative mediums in which to express herself. This ambition is illustrated in Katina’s first foray in to theatre where she directed three short plays by Tenessee Williams that were presented at Foro Luces de Bohemia. Next, her retelling of La Acera de Enfrente was presented at the Tamaulipas Theatre Festival. It’s success led to a tour of five additional towns in Tamaulipas and finally, a season in México City at the Sala Chopin Theater. Katina’s love for the indie music world inspires her direction of meaningful and highly artistic music videos. One example of her innate talent is the gritty, emotional video for Safety Bricks by acclaimed band, Broken Social Scene.
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