¡Revolución!. Cuban Poster Art.
Cushing, Lincoln
Título: ¡Revolución!. Cuban Poster Art.

Autor(es): Lincoln Cushing

Publicación: San Francisco,Estados Unidos : Chronicle Books, 2003

Descripción: 131 p.

Idioma: Inglés

Resumen: Beautiful designed,colorful,and political, the poster was the popular artform in the years following the Cuban Revolution, when the new Cuban government sponsored some 10000 public posters rallied the Cuban people to the monumental task of building a new society, while also celebrating Cuban music, dance, sports, and film.¡Revolución!collects more than 120 of these powerful but little-seen works of art, offering a fascinating window into the story of Cuba-and a truly revolutionary cahpater in graphic design.

ISBN: 0-8118-3582-0

Ubicación: 1614-L